Contract Vs Permanent: What’s the Real Cost of a Java Developer?

Contract Vs Permanent: What’s the Real Cost of a Java Developer?

Whether you are a development company starting a project from scratch or you are a day late and a dollar short for delivery of your application, the process of deciding on a Java developer for your company either on a contract or a permanent basis is something that requires great deliberation. The vital decision between choosing one of these two rely on many factors. The cost of recruiting, the salary, the quality of the developer, and what type of developer your current project demands are a few factors that could influence your decision. But if you can’t weigh the options it is always good to call in a professional recruiter.

Before we choose whether to issue a contract or a permanent agreement, remember that finding the perfect developer is anything but easy. If you look for flamboyant CVs, you could be deceived as it could be a mirage. If you search online for potential developers, you will find CVs rich in keywords and might miss a quality developer whose CV is not tailor-made for Search results.
Hence, if you aren’t well-versed with finding the perfect developer all you need to do is to seek the help of a recruiter, who will save time and help you avoid common mistakes when recruiting. Jotting down the skills that would be required to get the development process up and running will help you narrow your search in a vast pool of talent.

Permanent Hire
If you are looking for freshers to join your team, you must be prepared to spend something around 20,000-25,000 Euros per annum. But if you are looking for someone with a touch of experience and detailed knowledge of the Java framework, it would cost around 35-40K Euros an annum whereas hiring a principal developer to lead your development team can set you back 45-50K per annum. But if you are after niche developers with top-notch skills it could cost you more than 60K. It is very important that you understand that you get what you pay for.

Hiring a contract developer is a different ball game, that, not everyone will fancy. It all comes down to the task you need to be completed and the skill level of the developer you are looking for. If you are looking for a Junior Developer to get you on with the development process, you could be charged 200 Euros per day. But if you are looking for a mid-level developer with a few years of experience, it could cost you about 300 Euros per day.
If your task demands a developer who knows the back and front end well with some special skills, it could cost around 350-500 Euros per day.
And if your development is in the final stages and it needs a brush up to be perfect you will need to call in the expert. Hiring top-tier developers with a special set of skills can cost you a whopping 600-700 Euros per day. Of course, it sounds a lot in monetary terms but considering some unquantifiable benefits that you get by hiring classy developers, the benefits far outweigh the cost.

For instance, some developers work on contracts throughout their careers due to probably the high pay and the freedom of working that way. Just think of how many different companies could they have worked for and most importantly the knowledge and the experience they would have gathered working with different companies. They could have been employed during the initial stages or the later stages of development, and that would have required them to blend into the different stages of the development life cycle. Whether it is the role of the prince or pauper they have to play, they know when and how to adapt. And having such a developer in your team of developers will benefit you in the future. But say, the contract Java developer performed poorly in the current project, you have the right to cut off ties and hire someone else.
But supposing that you get stuck due to a permanent developer who performs poorly, it will cost you dearly. Having said that, only a quality permanent Java developer in your business will know your values and vision to work towards meeting the company goals. Therefore, it is important to weigh the pros and cons before committing.

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