Common Mistakes you can Avoid with a Professional Java Recruiter

Common Mistakes you can Avoid with a Professional Java Recruiter

Recruitment is tough and even tougher when it comes to recruiting a Java developer. There are various reasons for this. It could be the nature of the Java language in itself that could make you commit a mistake or the approach you take.

The problem isn’t the language, it’s the people

Most developers want a job and a well-paid job by all means, hence the easiest way to earn a few extra bucks is by sticking to Java whether or not they enjoy it. That is one reason why many end up in the Java flock making it difficult for recruitment. Sandy Walsh, a blogger argues it doesn’t mean that every developer is of the same flock but he says that many sheep have overcrowded making it difficult to spot a standout Java developer.

Neil Sainsbury, an Android developer says that many Java developers take the architect’s approach. He said, “Often I find I’m reading code that looks more like a plan for something that solves a problem, rather than something that actually solves a problem.” He further said “Unless you become part of the system, it is very difficult to understand what the code actually is there for.

The problem isn’t the people, it’s the language

Michael O Church, a Java blogger thinks otherwise. He said that due to the nature of the language, it is very hard to gauge whether a developer is good or bad with a small snippet of code when even a 500-line code could keep you guessing what the candidate is trying to do.

Don’t Hire too fast

The deadline is something that haunts the development team, when the workload is too much to handle, we often try to recruit a developer or a team of developers. Although it may seem like the sensible thing to do, a hasty recruit could end up a waste of time and money in the long run. One wrong hire may not seem like a big deal, but one engineer is all it takes for a flawed snippet of code that could slow down the whole process.
As every developer has a vital role to play whether it is coding, testing, or deploying, a developer incorrectly executing any of these could cost you heavily. However, a professional recruiter can fill the gap with a developer or a team of developers who have the skills to jump on the bandwagon.

Don’t believe

When the deadline is close and you find a developer who moves swiftly through the coding process, it makes sense that he is the perfect fit, right? It is easy to be fooled by the notion that fast coders are the best as speed at the expense of quality will be useless. On average a developer introduces 3 bugs per 100 lines, imagine how the bugs would increase with speed.
Therefore, to make sure that your candidate has sped along with quality, a recruiter conducts tailored assignments to put the quality and the speed of the developer to the test.

Don’t be a Web Crawler

If you are searching for developers with Keywords you are likely to find a CV that is rich in keywords and may not be skillful in Java. You could have missed out on a top-tier developer whose CV would not have shown up on your search list. But as a recruiter has a wide range of connections with companies and developers, they could help you hire an appropriate developer who does not pop on your SERP. It may be the developer that they helped find a job the last time.

The cheapest can’t be the best

hiring the cheapest developer and expecting the highest quality of work is something that companies do. But remember you get what you pay for. If you pay low you’ll probably get a developer from Sandy’s flock. You can’t hire a junior developer and expect him to show the skills of a senior developer.
Instead of hiring a developer for a competitive salary, some companies have learned their lesson by paying big money to salvage code that has been horribly written due to the lack of quality developers. But recruiters who have been in the industry have the knowledge to recommend the best-suited developer for your business. They too could intercede and bargain for both parties if necessary and help strike a deal.

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