Reasons to Consider a Professional Java Recruitment Company

Reasons to Consider a Professional Java Recruitment Company

Hiring a Java developer is no walk in the park. Maybe because many can code in Java but few have mastered the art of coding because to be a professional at Java is more than coding.

From testing the technical knowledge written in the CV to checking out the personality of the person and whether he would fit the puzzle, an interview is a time-consuming and strenuous affair, which I believe, would be better, when left alone to be dealt with the best in the business, a recruiter. Here are some situations where a recruiter could come in quite handy.

Whether you are starting a project from scratch or making improvements, you must stick to the deadline. But for instance, if in the course of the project, a Java developer dropped out, the project could be delayed. As each developer plays a part in coding, testing, or deploying a product, the removal of one would pause the whole project. A contractor or recruiter could come in handy and fill in the gap with a freelance developer who would be able to jump on the bandwagon and complete the task.

Amidst many languages being added to the repertoire of a developer, statistics show that Java has secured a special place in the business environment. Therefore, it is necessary to hire a developer with the exact requirements to succeed in application development. Although there will be permanent or contract-based developers here and there, there are places where finding a permanent hire would be hard, considering a Java contractor in such circumstances would be a good option.

Not all businesses operate within the city centre, or have a strong talent pool available within a few miles says Ben Townsend, Manager at FRG Technology Consulting. “If you’re in this scenario, hiring a contractor could solve your problem. He said that permanent developers fancy strong transport links and a comfortable office that is easily accessible. And if you as an entity cannot fulfil the criteria, it can limit the developers you hire. But a recruiter could find a developer who could sign up with you for a brief period. Since recruiters place Java developers on a short-term basis, they know which candidate’s project ends when, and based on that, they could find a mobile developer who’ll be happy working for you. Therefore, if you need a developer to clear the backlog or commit to a short-term project, a recruiter would come in quite handy.

On the other hand, when you are recruiting for a permanent position, it is important to choose a developer who shares your vision and values and will stick with your business.
After your team members take time off for an interview, assess the candidate technically, and make the job offer, it is not safe to relax. The reason is that, within a four-week notice time, the tables could turn.

What if the current employer came up with a counteroffer that would be hard for the selected candidate to resist? The candidate you thought, you had in the bag would be lost, but if you have a recruiter as a backup, they would be able to keep the show going by finding a temporary developer to replace the permanent position at least until there’s breathing space to find another.
When you are running out of time and the deadline menacingly draws closer with your application yet to be completed, it’s no doubt that you end up getting stressed out. Bringing in a developer or a team of developers could speed up the task. Be it the planning, the testing, or the deployment, more the eyes and hands that you put in front of a code base less the time it takes to build an application, find a bug, or resolve an issue.

Utilizing a recruiter to get a developer on a contract basis not only saves time and puts you back on track towards completing the task, but it also allows the developers in your company to learn and get exposed to a new set of skills. Especially the Junior developer will find it handy as it helps them become a more established programmer.

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