Tips to Accelerate Your Career : Land the best Java Jobs

Tips to Accelerate Your Career: Land the best Java Jobs

Java is a time-tested general-purpose programming language that is included in the core of virtually any networked application in the market today. It is the globally accepted standard for web applications, embedded applications, mobile apps, enterprise software, and games. Java developers are able to deploy exciting applications at lower costs. It is the preferred language in leading Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, enterprise software, and a variety of cloud computing applications worldwide. The TIOBE index lists Java as the second most popular programming language today, and it has been in the top ten list for over a couple of decades now.

It comes as no surprise that Java developers are in high demand around the world. Considering that three out of the five top countries to work for as a software engineer in the world are in the  European region, and that Java is one of the most sought-after in terms of skills. This article guides you to broaden your horizons in the field and land the top Java jobs available in the region.

Learning a new programming language can be challenging, but fortunately, aspirant programmers have multiple ways to learn, such as traditional classroom-based learning, online courses, and self-study. The online learning realm is gaining massive traction and suits the learning requirements of students who do not have the time or the money to travel for classes. Location flexibility helps students learn in the comfort of their homes or on the move. Digital learning is making significant progress in a variety of disciplines. A number of institutions certify Java programmers following a test, which can help you gain employment down the line.


Code Academy is a great place to start. They provide decent tutorials on Java fundamentals and a variety of exercises and course material that can get you started. Best of all, these courses are free of charge and great if you are testing the waters.

The Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs)
The MOOC project is a project initiated by edX to give students an online repository of course material across different disciplines. The primary objective of the platform is to provide flexible learning with course modules added at regular intervals. It is a convenient and affordable way to offer online courses with a reasonably good degree of motivation and discipline.

Udemy is another online learning platform with pre-recorded digital courses across different disciplines. The platform provides foundation courses for beginners and advanced courses for developers looking to broaden their horizons. The courses are affordable and provide complete transcripts of lectures delivered.

Oracle Corporation, a renowned multinational software company, provides four levels of certification for Java developers. They test the knowledge and capabilities of candidates to meet the demands of prospective jobs in the Java industry. Certification is awarded to foundation-level applicants who could then apply for professional-level examinations and certification. These range from associate and professional to expert and master levels.

Certification can help you gain employment in some cases or demand higher pay if you are already employed. Besides, online courses can be an effective way of filling the knowledge or skills gap as the programming realm evolves rapidly. Learn the newest concepts, gain an advantage over your non-certified peers, and stand out from the rest. Europe is a hotbed for Java developers and presents a plethora of employment opportunities for skilled mid to senior-level executives. Professional development and continuous learning benefit every line of work, and Java is no exception. Digital courses can help take your career to new heights and get the top Java jobs in your region.

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